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(*) Adult maximum weight 120kg, Child must over 4 years old (weight at least 20kg) and pregnant woman is not allowed.

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Terms: are the rules between Zipline Vietnam and you

Third party: are units affiliated with Zipline Vietnam (Paypal, Momo, VN pay, ...) to support online payment for customers

Electronic ticket: is information about the game that you have placed at the website (used to "Confirm" when you join at zipline Vietnam) is displayed on a page that you can print

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In case of cancellation, please email the cancellation notice to Zipline Vietnam. We will exchange and confirm all your information. When completing the information verification, Zipline Viet Nam will refund to the correct account you have paid after deducting the fees when canceling the service. The cancellation fee will depend on the service you register.

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Zipline Vietnam is responsible for securing and securely storing your information with the highest seriousness.

Addressing any questions, errors or violations that you encounter during the payment process due to Zipline's fault in Vietnam.

Ensure full implementation of all services in accordance with the program you register. However, we reserve the right to change the time or cancel the service at any time when we feel it necessary for your safety.

Any changes, if any, will be promptly notified to you immediately before you start using or when an error has been identified.

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Zipline Viet Nam is not responsible for all information provided by us because we do not easily confirm exactly which customers register information.

Zipline Vietnam is not responsible for your stolen information if the theft is made from your computer due to computer virus infection or other cause.

Zipline Vietnam is not responsible for you if your computer system is damaged during payment or interference related to the use of an external site.

Zipline Viet Nam is not responsible for the loss of your information data due to objective incidents such as natural disasters, drought, fire, war, ...

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You commit to be fully responsible for personal information, credit card information that has been declared to be honest and accurate. If there are errors, forgeries or disputes arising, Zipline Viet Nam reserves the right to cancel your purchased service.

You are responsible for checking account information in time to report to Zipline Vietnam if there are problems. Within 30 days from the date of payment, Zipline Vietnam will not accept any settlement from the payment.

You do not use the content of the website managed by Zipline Vietnam for commercial purposes without consent.

You need to apply for yourself the installation of precautions to ensure that any of your options when using Zipline Vietnam websites are free from viruses or any other threats from outside. interfere with or damage your computer system.

Zipline journey game A

  • Code: ZVN0821-2019-1907
  • Check in date: 28-08-2019
  • Time play: 14:00
  • Number of adults: 1
  • Number of children: 0
  • Price: 1.200.000 VND
  • Pay Securely by Credit / Debit card

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Total: 1.200.000 VND

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